Drywall Profiles

Long-lasting Plasterboard Profile with advanced technology and flawless workmanship, which are compatible with your machines, produced from galvanized and corrosion resistant, are at Afra Profil at affordable prices! 

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Drywall Profiles

Afra Profil products are produced in TS standards from hot-dip galvanized with cold forming method. As a component of plasterboard partition walls, cladding walls and suspended ceiling systems, plasterboard profiles produced in standard and economical series are a product preferred by practitioners with their corrosion-resistant structure

  • Different channel options
  • High quality documented production

Gypsumboard Profile Features

  • Drywall metal profiles Aesthetic look
  • Smooth and ready for topcoat applications
  • It eases the load of the building against earthquake risk
  • It allows heat and sound insulation
  • Easy assembling
  • It provides easy laying of electrical and plumbing materials

12.5 mm Plasterboard

  • White is a plasterboard used in the manufacture of suspended ceilings, curtain walls and partition walls.
  • Beyaz’ın çekirdek veya kor tabir edilen iç kısmı levhaya sertlik, dayanım, hafiflik ve izlenebilirlik sağlayan, yüksek saflıkta doğal alçı taşından ve kağıt hamuru katkısından oluşur.
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    Most Frequently Asked Questions About Drywall Profiles

    Materials covered with special cardboards on both sides and made of plaster in the middle are called gypsum board profiles. It is a material that can be produced in desired dimensions and desired technical specifications. It is extremely light and has a flexible structure. Since its PH value is close to the human body, it can be shown as a suitable material for living spaces.

    The prices of gypsum board profiles are at extremely affordable levels. Prices may vary depending on the extra features of the profile. Drywall profile prices start from the market standard for a single profile. There may be minor fluctuations in the unit price depending on the city purchased and the amount of purchase. Prices may fluctuate according to the extra features of the drywall profile.

    The product called Flex gypsum board is classic gypsum board profiles. It can be installed very easily. The features of mold and moisture resistant gypsum board profiles are that they can be laid on ceramics and tiles. WR water-resistant drywall profile is drywall used in wet areas. Fireboard and fire-resistant gypsum boards are high-security products that do not start to burn despite being exposed to fire for a long time.

    The material called gypsum board can appear in 5 different models. Constantly preferred gypsum board profile models;

    • Flex drywall,
    • WR waterproof drywall,
    • MRW mold and moisture resistant drywall,
    • Fire resistant drywall,
    • Fireboard can be listed as drywall.

    It is necessary to consider the needs at the purchasing stage and to place the orders consciously.

    Gypsum board profiles are plates that have a texture and do not have roughness, as a result of wrapping all the side partitions of the gypsum board with personal cardboard. It is used in the structure of plasterboard walls and ceilings, and is also preferred for smooth standing of wall corners. Drywall profiles in various structures are examined in three ways:

    • Drywall U Profile
    • Drywall C profile
    • Drywall Z Profile

    Drywall profile machine is a system for shaping profiles. It is designed for the production of non-bearing partitions made of coated steel. It has a portfolio ranging from the smallest works to the largest industrial works. Start-stop application is used in technology.

    It is a system that provides high performance and has a low cost.


    Uncoiler: Mechanical unwinding can be adjusted according to different coil radius. It has a capacity of 5 tons.

    Automation System:

    It is easy to use because it has an electrical panel. It has automatic and manual working system. It also offers three different programming options.

    Cutting System:

    Cutting system is made with hydraulic guillotine. It ensures that the cut to be made is brought to the desired shape perfectly and finished in the desired consistency.

    There is no preparation step that needs to be done when installing drywall. There is only one thing to be aware of. These considerations are the location of the goods and sockets.

    • These profiles, produced from galvanized steel, have a structure that can be installed in all weather conditions.
    • It does not affect the profiles you work under temperature, cold or any humidity conditions.
    • The second stage that you will follow during assembly should be marked.
    • It starts from the curved wall or the area you want to install and goes by marking.
    • The third step is to assemble.
    • Floor placement is done from wall to wall.
    • Fixing is done to the profiles on the floor.
    • The marked place is fixed in such a way that the line is aligned with the line.
    • The ends of the guide profiles are placed and mounted so that they are mounted on the forehead.
    • The screw of the plugs on the edge of the guide must be tightened.
    • Placement can be done in the next process.