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Since 1997

Afra Profile was established in 1997 in Kayseri. It is one of the first and leading companies that manufactures the profiles needed in the PVC and Construction Sector at this date of establishment. In addition to producing PVC Support Profiles, which are indispensable for all PVC manufacturers in Turkey and in the world, in every desired form and size, it also manufactures Partition Walls and Suspended Ceiling Profiles needed by the gypsum board industry.

While Afra Profil sells its profiles to approximately 900 companies in 81 provinces in the country, besides opening its own sales store in Kayseri, it has developed its service network by establishing the Mediterranean Regional Directorate in Antalya. Since 2010, it has been exporting its products to approximately 27 countries in abroad in order to take part in the developing world market and contribute to the country’s economy as well as presenting its own brand to the world market.

By keeping up with the developing technology, Afra Profil has constantly renewed itself and developed its production capacity and service network in order to be always updated by producing special project products needed in construction and different sectors.

Besides the Plasterboard, Powder Plaster Group and Accessory Materials and its produced products in the years as well as the soluations for the needs of partners both in the country and abroad, Afra Profile has become a desired and preffered company in Turkey

Despite the quarter of a century that has passed since its establishment, it continues its commercial activities by increasing both production and services with the first date excitement

Our Basic Principles

  • Employee and Customer Satisfaction
  • High Quality
  • innovation
  • Providing Efficient, Effective, Effective and Continuously Developing Services
  • Respect for the environment

Our Services

The best suitable services for your expectations and budget …

PVC Support Profile

We manufacture Galvanized Support Profile for PVC Door and Window Industry with our modern machines


Drywall Profiles

We manufacture Drywall Profiles for the PVC Door and Window Sector with our modern machines .


Profile Accessories

We manufacture Profile Accessories for the PVC Door and Window Sector with our modern machines .


Intervention Cover

We manufacture Intervention Covers for the PVC Door and Window Sector with our modern machines.