Intervention Cover 

High quality and long-lasting Intervention Covers that hide the plumbing panels are available at Afra Profil at accessible prices! 

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Intervention Cover

With its advanced production power and decades of experience, Afra Profil produces high-quality intervention covers that are used to camouflage plumbing, valves and electrical panels in buildings and to provide access in case of any failure

  • Economic and practical use
  • High quality documented production
  • Production in special sizes for your needs                   

Full Fit, Aesthetic Appearance

Intervention covers complete the decor of the environment by hiding the plumbing appearance that disrupts the aesthetics of your spaces. It provides the advantage of practical and quick intervention to the placed area. They have aesthetic appearances in different colors according to the coating area. It responds to the needs of its spaces at full capacity

Fast Delivery From Stock

Thanks to our stocks we have created with our high production power, we can respond to your needs in the fastest way, and thanks to our advanced delivery network, we can offer fast delivery on a truck or truck basis

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    Intervention Cover Models

    Intervention covers suitable for your needs and budget

    Top Seated Intervention Cover

    Honeycomb Intervention Cover

    Multi-Opening Intervention Cover

    Acoustic Intervention Cover

    Plasterboard Intervention Cover

    Zero Construction Intervention Cover

    Ribbed Intervention Cover

    Metal Tamper Intervention Cover

    Since 1997

    Since the day it was founded, Afra Profil has been serving its customers with an honest, principled and contemporary trade understanding. It carries out wholesale and retail sales of Gypsum Board, Suspended Ceiling, Lighting Group, Grille, Styrofoam and Intervention Cover products. Afra Profil has become an establishment that has determined its own line in the sector thanks to its innovative and solution-providing understanding, which is widely accepted in the sector, by highlighting its product variety and reasonable price policy.

    And more

    We find high quality solutions for your construction investments at affordable prices . We offer reliable solutions for the future with our products that we deliver without any problems!

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