Drywall Profile Types

Drywall profiles have a system that is used in most areas and is also known as the backbone of the construction.

The advantages it provides consist of the product portfolio that is recommended to be used as quality and the cost of the product prices to be the lowest in the area where it is used.

Thanks to the pH value it contains, the gypsum board profiles, which are in a good position in terms of usage quality, prevent bacteria production and at the same time prevent situations such as odor and mold.

As a result of many researches, its fire resistance has been proven by observing. As a result of the researches, the fire resistance time was determined as half an hour.

When the buildings are in construction, the plasterboards used in the buildings can be covered to protect the fire. In addition, it is resistant to some natural disasters. Thanks to the flexibility in the gypsum board, which is resistant to earthquakes, it has a strong durability. It is flexible yet lightweight.

In short, gypsum boards, which provide protection against earthquake and fire, are used in residences, industrial buildings, schools, etc. Its use in many areas adds value.

Thus, gypsum boards in various structures have succeeded in being at the top of the list of preferred ones by providing superior protection against fire and earthquake.

Among the types of plasterboards, water droplets have a system that helps to keep the humidity level in the environment in balance.

Drywall panels, which is one of the reasons for being especially preferred, provide heat insulation as well as sound. In this way, you incur less expense compared to other insulation materials. Gypsum panels, which have a thin structure, do not shrink your areas.

It has the advantage of easy assembly and also the disassembly feature. It is used in most buildings made today. Plasterboards, which cover a lot of advantage area, are produced in a structure that you can easily use in line with the desired dimensions.

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