Frequently preferred in modern buildings and the most ideal facade coating product for use in modern residences,plasterboards are at Afra Profil with the advantage of affordable price and delivery from stock… 

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They are smooth-surfaced boards, the middle part of which is plaster, surrounded by cardboard on both sides, regularly produced in standard or desired dimensions and in clear norms

Drywalls are generally used to cover the parts from the floor to the wall inside the buildings whose exterior wall construction has been completed

Plasterboard Advantages

  • Does not produce bacteria due to its Ph value
  • Fire resistant
  • Thanks to its flexible feature, it is not damaged by earthquakes
  • Maximum sound and heat insulation
  • Easy to carry as it is demountable
  • Easy assembling

Plasterboard Sizes and Prices

  • If the plasterboard is to be mounted on the wall, the dimensions of the wall should be taken, and if it is to be laid on the floor, the floor dimensions should be taken.
  • Drywall prices; It has a price structure that varies according to the model of the plasterboard, the thickness of the plasterboard and the size of the area to be applied
  • Drywall anchor, drywall screw and drywall profile are necessary tools during application
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    Plasterboard Models

    The most suitable plasterboard models for both your needs and your budget…

    White Drywall

    White drywall can be easily applied on the metal frame with screws, on the wooden frame with nails or screws, or on the existing wall with adhesive plaster
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    Green Drywall

    Green Drywall is a type of cardboard plasterboard with water repellent feature. It is used in all kinds of wet volumes and humid environments
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    Red Drywall

    Red Drywall is a type of cardboard gypsum board with glass fiber additives to increase the fire resistance time in order to meet the high fire resistance demand
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