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What is Powder Plaster

It is a building plaster used in the casting of all kinds of decorative shapes, mold removal and assembly works indoors. Thanks to its breathing feature, it balances the humidity level in the environment. Thanks to its ideal working time, it provides comfortable and waste-free application. It creates a smooth casting surface. It is used in plastering and gluing. It is A1 class fireproof building material.

Plastic Powder Features

  • it provides operation and repair shop in the application
  • As the thermal conductivity value of plaster is low the building elements produced from gypsum provide energy savings in heating
  • It provides the comfort and aesthetic conditions envisaged in the design
  • It does not create environmental pollution

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    Powder Plaster Models

    Powder plaster models that best suit both your needs and your budget…

    Cornice Plaster

    Gypsum Board Adhesive Plaster

    Ceramic Mold Plaster

    Satin Finishing Plaster

    Gypsum Board Grouting Plaster

    Light Machine Plaster

    X-Ray Armor Plaster

    Gross Concrete Primer

    Satin Gross Concrete Primer

    Joint Filler

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